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Ways To Work With Me

Greenfire Wise Woman Course

This option is for you if your are ready to commit to re-awakening the wild woman deep inside of you and you want to learn the natural healing modalities of the wise woman.

  • You want to learn self-healing
  • You want to be connected to the divine feminine
  • You are ready to make the changes you know you need to feel fulfillment in your life
  • You empathize with the wounded healer

Over the course of 13 months we will work together to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of natural healing techniques

  • Connect with your inner wild woman

  • Strengthen your intuition

  • Learn the ways of the wise woman

At the end of Greenfire you can expect:

  • A strong connection with your authentic self

  • A clearer understanding of how you want to live your life and what you want from it
  • Life style changes that support your personal path
  • To become part of a lineage of Greenfire woman
  • 6 certifications in healing modalities

How we get there:

  • 26 1:1 sessions, 90 minutes each over the course of 13 months

  • Structured syllabus with reading & application between sessions
  • Individual support between sessions with Telegram
  • Facebook & telegram groups with other Greenfire women for group support and tips

Journey to self-discovery

This option is for you if your are seeking support in facilitating change in your life and healing trauma from the past.

  • You want mental health support
  • You want to make changes but don't know how
  • You struggle with sleep, stress, anxiety, relationships or family conflict
  • You want support with achieving your goals

Over the course of your package we will work together to:

  • Help you take action steps towards physical, spiritual, and mental wellness

  • Create measurable, achievable goals for growth

  • Learn the process of acceptance, awareness, and action

  • Cultivate skills to support healthy coping mechanisms

At the end of counseling you can expect:

  •  Increased confidence, self-awareness and self-reliance

  •  New habits and routines that serve your highest potential

  • Coping skills and stress management

  • The ability to take direct action and fulfillment of goals

How we get there:

  • weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions over the course of the package (3, 6, or 8 months)

  •  Detailed action steps curated to your needs and goals

  • Individual support between sessions through Telegram


Healing Sessions

This option is for you if your are seeking support with relaxation while cleansing, balancing, and realigning your energy.

  • You have high levels of stress
  • You have chronic pain or autoimmune issues
  • You struggle from the side effects of trauma
  • You want extra support during a challenging time

Through the course of your session we will work together to:

  • Help support the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit

  • Remove any energy that doesn't serve you

  • Provide Nervous System support

  • Cultivate relaxation

After your session you can expect:

  • A sense of ease and relaxation

  • A clear direction for self-care moving forward

  • A deeper understanding of energetic blocks and obstacles

  • Psycho-spiritual education for self-support

How we get there:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions

  • Various holistic healing modalities in each session

  • Telegram support in-between sessions

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