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Solstice Celebrations

Solstice Collage
Reiki & Restore

Sunset Flower

Solstice Collage

June 22nd
10am-11:15am MST

This workshop is for you if you want to connect to inner fire through creativity.

This is a Hybrid workshop and can be taken in person or via zoom
This collage will be a visual expression of the fire inside of you. Midsummer is the apex of the year. A time where the sun shines at its brightest. This collage will represent when you shine at your brightest and the fuel from your internal sun that motivates and drives you.

Exchange: $40
This is a hybrid class and is offered on zoom and in person
June 29th

This class is for you if you are seeking relaxation and balance.

Reconnect, recharge and restore yourself with the combined practices of Reiki and Restorative Yoga.
In restorative yoga poses you will be entirely supported by props, such as bolsters and blocks, to allow space & time for your mind & body to relax & release stress. While laying in each posture for a minimum of 10 minutes, Angelina will provide Reiki to each individual. Usui Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that uses the subtle art of hands on healing with light to no touch.

Exchange: $60

Reiki & Restore

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